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Resolutions to Take You into the New Year

New Year’s resolutions are a mainstay of life in Canada, as Canadians focus on the small changes they can make to improve their lives year to year. With 2019 just ahead, there’s no better time to make promises to yourself that you can easily keep and feel good about.

Find time for family and friends

In a fast-paced new community, newcomers may find themselves looking for ways to stay connected with family and friends. In 2019, consider setting up a monthly get-together with local friends and family, or scheduling regular calls and video chats with those loved ones who live abroad. Also, build new Canadian relationships by joining a social group that meets your interests. Meetup is a popular website that allows you to find groups in your city whose members share common interests, such as dance, books, film and music.

Spend more time on personal wellbeing

As you work hard to establish your new life in Canada, it’s important to set time aside for activities that make you feel happy and re-energized. Practices such as meditation, reading and light exercise can have many positive effects.

A popular meditation app in Canada and worldwide is called Headspace. It only takes a moment to download and provides simple guided sessions for beginners. This is a great way to start or end your day stress-free, and studies have shown that meditation leads to better concentration and focus, which can help you achieve your resolutions in 2019!

Joining a gym or signing up for classes at your local community centre is a great way to stay in shape while also dedicating time to your wellbeing. With over 1,700 locations across Canada, a great, affordable option is to join your local YMCA. Getting outdoors by walking or running is a low-cost way to work out and get some fresh air all in one go.

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Organize your finances and save more

As a newcomer to Canada, organizing your finances is an important first step in achieving larger goals down the road, whether that’s education, a home, or a trip back home to see family. Creating a budget is one of the best ways to learn more about how you are allocating your money. The Scotiabank Money Finder Calculator can help you get started with a budget, by comparing your income to your monthly expenses to find out where your money is being spent each month.

Once you have a budget in place, what about saving money for those longer-term goals? With the Bank The Rest Savings Program you can save while you spend. Upon making a purchase with your debit card you can have the total rounded up to the amount you have predetermined (a multiple of $1 - $5). This amount will be transferred automatically into your savings account – making it an easy way to save for your goals in 2019.

Take steps to grow your career

Starting your career in a new country can be overwhelming. In the New Year, consider setting a few goals that can help you land a job, such as registering for a language course, creating a Canadian targeted resume and finding a mentor in your field of interest.

The Government of Canada’s immigration website offers a helpful search tool to locate language classes and employment service centres in your community. Employment service centres offer resume writing and review services, to help you develop a top-notch resume to submit to potential employers. You can also check out the Canadian Immigrant‘s CanSpeak section, which helps newcomers learn common English phrases.

Building a network can be the key to finding a new job in Canada. By reaching out to people in your desired field of work, you will discover how others have achieved successful employment. Skills for Change offers mentorship support and matching for new Canadians who are looking for employment in their fields.

Give back to your community

Making changes in the New Year doesn’t have to mean only improving your life. Setting a goal to give back to your new community can be very rewarding and impactful, and volunteering your time doesn’t need to take more than one or two hours a month. Not only is this a great way to give back, it can also lead to new friendships while you build your new network in Canada. There are many organizations that can help connect you with meaningful volunteer opportunities. Volunteer Canada collaborates closely with volunteer centres and local organizations and can be a good starting point when looking for meaningful volunteer opportunities.

Wishing you success in your resolutions and a very Happy New Year!

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