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Get up to $15,000 credit on an unsecured credit card as soon as you arrive – even without a credit history1.

As a newcomer, choose from a variety of credit cards and start building your credit history in Canada with the Scotiabank StartRight® Program1.

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International Students

Our most popular credit cards for international students. No credit history required, and up to $5,000 credit limit on eligible Scotiabank credit cards.

Learn more about Scene Visa Card (for students)

What are rewards?

Rewards are incentives you get when you use certain credit cards to pay for everyday purchases. In Canada, rewards can come in a variety of formats like points, miles, or cash back. Whatever the format, reward types typically give you some sort of benefit for using your card to make your everyday purchases.

Scotiabank offers the following reward options:


Earn cash back rewards on everyday purchases and have your cash deposited directly into your account.


Scene+ is our enhanced rewards program that allows members to earn and redeem points for travel, shopping, dining and more.

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You can build a good credit history faster by doing the following:

Get a credit card and use it on a regular basis.

Always pay your bills on time.

Pay your bills off in full whenever possible.

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Limit yourself to just one or two credit cards.

Know your credit score.