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“Be kind to yourself as moving to a new country takes a lot of courage. The transition won’t be perfect, but it does get better with each passing year.”


“Cold winters were tough, but also brought so many good memories, like my first time skiing and snow tubing.”


“Ask more questions and really understand all your financial options. I wish I had started building credit and a stronger relationship with my bank earlier.”


“The right partner can tell you how to use your credit card, how to make most of your investment products, and how to save up so you can buy a home in 3-5 years. Banking is boring, complicated but essential.”


“Don't think that people will judge you because you look different or have an accent. You are unique the way you are. Everything will fall in place gradually.”


“Each new Canadian's experience is unique to their needs. Circumstances vary from case to case. One thing that's common for all is the need for the right bank and the right banking product. It's usually referred to by someone who had passed through the same journey.”


“Trust in the move you made and enjoy the freedom to be who you want to be. Joining a community made my transition easier and friends became family.”


“When I moved here, I felt like life gave me another chance to try something new that I’ve always wanted to. I wanted to begin my career with something that I wouldn’t just like as a job, but love as a passion.”


“It's a new culture, new society, new everything — but be excited to face the new.”


“Build your credit in Canada as early as possible. Even a credit card with a small limit helps.”


Start your International application Find your StartRight package here