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Open a Scotiabank International Account* online before you arrive.

With the Scotiabank Startright Program1 you can apply for a Scotiabank Investment Account and transfer up to $50,000 CAD before moving to Canada2.

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Why do I need an International Account before I move?

When moving to Canada, you’re often required to prove you have enough money to cover the cost of living. An International® Account can help you demonstrate proof of funds and feel more prepared for your move.

A Scotiabank International Account can help you:


Feel more prepared knowing you have proof of funds ready.

Large amounts of cash

Reduce the need to carry large amounts of cash while travelling.

Fast Chequing

Set up a Scotiabank chequing account faster when you arrive.

Why do I need a chequing account once I arrive?

Once you arrive in Canada, you will need to book an appointment to visit a Scotiabank branch and set up a chequing account for your regular banking needs like withdrawing cash and paying bills. You will have the option of transferring all or part of the funds from your International Account into your new chequing account.

You will need to bring two forms of identification such as your:

• Passport

• Permanent Resident card

• Citizenship and Immigration Canada Form (IMM 1000, IMM 1442, IMM 5688 or IMM 5292)

If you’re an international student, you must also bring proof of enrolment from your Canadian Educational Institution.

A chequing account lets you:

Withdraw money by using your account debit card or taking out cash at a Scotiabank branch or ABM.

Write cheques and move money from one account to another.

Pay bills online and set up automatic payments for re-occurring monthly bills.

Send money to or from the bank account of any participating Canadian bank electronically with Interac e-Transfers.

The following chequing accounts are eligible for the StartRight Program:

Package fees

  • Free for the first year3, and $0* or $16.95/mth after year 1

* Maintain a balance of $4,000 and we’ll waive your monthly fee.

Package fees

  • $0* or $10.95/mth

* Maintain a balance of $3,000 and we’ll waive your monthly fee.

Package fees

  • No monthly fees


  • Unlimited transactions
  • Unlimited Interac e-transfers†4
  • Once a month, get a free withdrawl from an ABM that isn’t Scotia


  • 25 free transactions5 per month
  • 10 free Interac e-Transfers per month


  • Unlimited transactions
  • Unlimited Interac e-transfers†4

Grow your money

  • Get a +0.05% Interest Rate Boost on deposits in your MomentumPLUS Savings Account
  • Preferred rates on select GICs6

More perks

  • Earn points on every purchase with either the SCENE®* or Scotia Rewards Program7

More perks

  • Redeem SCENE points®* for entertainment rewards like movies, meals and more.8

More perks

  • First year annual fee waiver on select Scotiabank credit cards8 up to $150
  • Earn points on every purchase with either the SCENE®* or Scotia Rewards program7

All accounts include:

  • Access to credit cards designed for newcomers and international students9
  • Free TransUnion†† CreditView††
  • Access to cash at over 50,000 partner ABMs worldwide
  • Earn rewards on your everyday purchases7

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